Choreography: EPHEMERAL SHADES by V. Legakis

Photo credit: PROKADRAS


The productions have been presented in different theatres across the world by receiving commissions in residencies, festivals, or by funding bodies of the invited company.

We wish to thank all performers, dance artists, composers and collaborators as well as sponsors and supporting organisations for all the support and assistance they have contributed into the development of VDC.

Dance Theater Productions

– May BE 2018 & 2019
– Green 2018
– Ephemeral Shades 2018 Commission work for Aura Dance Theatre
– Liminal 2017
– Light in Darkness 2016
– Alphabet of Indeterminacy 2011
– Three Signs to Beauty 2010
– En-Pour-Soi 2009
– In Between and Around Liminal Places 2009
– Houses of Hell 2009
– The Beginning of Something 2008
– Aphanisis 2008


Installations in Gallery Settings

*Dance and Interdisciplinary Studies in sculpture, photography and painting

– The Disintegration of the Unreal 2013-2014 (China Mainland)
– Undying Home 2012-13 (China Mainland & Taiwan)


Site Specific Projects

Move The City 2011-2014 in Collaboration with 4AM – Brno (CZ)

An International festival of dance improvisation and movement in relation to architectural and public space

We feel happy having worked with:

May Chen Mei (CN), Jasper Narvaez (PH), Seke Chimutengwende (UK), Hanna Shakti Buhler (DE/IT), Alvaro Esteban (SP), Angela Blumberg (DE), Gilles Polet (FR), Yang Hao (HK), Ling Tse (HK), Yu-Hsien Wu (TW), Szu-Ying Lai (TW), Oh Mingyan (HK), Hui Ju (KR), Kae Ishimoto (JP), Shoko Seki (JP), Marine Fernandez (FR), Blake Seidel (USA), Matthew Livingston (USA), Chiara Corbetta (IT), Clara Giambino (FT), Erik Zarcone (IT), Evgenii Kalachev (RU), Julija Mintautė (LT), Madelaine Kate Hart (UK), Margarita Zafrilla (SP), Wayne Parsons (UK), Victoria Hoyland (UK), Lorena Fernandez Saez (SP), Louise Tanono (UK), Linda-Kris Mullot (FR), Helka Kaski (FN), Laura Vanhulle (BE/UK), Sarah Jacquard (FR) …

… and many others in smaller productions and group pieces for festivals!

Choreography: May BE  by V. Legakis

Photo credit: Kelvin Chan