A choreography created for the
4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival 2019.

Choreography: Vangelis Legakis (GR/HK)
Performed: Yang Hao (HK), Ling Tse (HK)
Singing & Interpretation: Ling Tse
Lighting Design: Vangelis Legakis
Music Composition: Paul Yip (HK)

“May BE” expresses the passions and feelings we pass through until we meet and have a true genuine connection with one another. It is a calling, a song, a cry to voice our innermost feelings to communicate.

“May BE” represents moments in life when we are insecure, frightened and desperate trying to listen and communicate our truth. It conveys the moments in between and betwixt that are neither a “Yes” nor a “No”.

Presented & Produced by:
Unity Space