Choreography: EPHEMERAL SHADES by V. Legakis
Performer: May Chen Mei (CN)

Photo credit: PROKADRAS


At VDC we create an environment for people to grow and evolve through dance and performance. We empower and nurture people to understand where they are at and be able to pass through their limits and boundaries.

We believe that authentic movement unearthing from within is the core ingredient for a good and sustainable healthy human connection. Our focus in what we teach is on integrating Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies within dance so as to create flow, dynamism and a meditative state that unites the body, mind and heart.

VDC has been creating numerous productions and smaller projects either in theaters, museums, other versatile venues or site specific. We have established synergies with individuals and organizations internationally to find and co-create new avenues for integrating dance and spirituality into the lives of all people.

We are excited to launch new educational programs to enrich the dance and choreography sectors. The mission of these programs is to educate and empower new dance artists to reach their full capabilities and inspire others in their life path.

Upcoming we have our inaugural dance Teacher Trainings Courses CONTACT BEYOND CONTACT, INTEGRATIVE SOMATIC ARTS & GLIDING SPACE as well as the PADHA program – Proficiency in Advanced Dance and Healing Arts – a one year dance & healing program.

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